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The staff at Magabite Catering are very aware of the needs of some of our customers

So we have created a few all in packages to take your worries away.

Additional fees will be charged for allowcations that run over time at $50.00 per hour

Total Consultation
Package ​

This Package includes everything in the pre-party package

Plus the Tasting Consultation

An extra Chefs site visit

Plus up to 10 flavors of finger food for tasting from your party menu selection

Tasting Consultation Package​
This package includes everything in the pre-party package plus:
An extra visit by yourself to our Pearl apartment to taste 2 pieces of each of your selected function finger food up to 5 types


Pre-Party Consultation  Package

This pre-party package includes an hour with our chef to create themed food for your special event, discuss staffing and to look at your venue's equipment and make suggestions in the types of food that would be easy to serve at your special location.

This also includes all phone calls and emails while setting your menu for your event

At Megabite we are about creating special food for special occasions.

Let us create and allow you to taste your very own menu prior to your special day.

Keep in mind it is FREE to choose your own Menu from our extensive canapes selection - all the prices are displayed next to the items

We also provide FREE pick up 

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