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Bruchetta with Chunky Salsa 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Oven roasted french stick topped with our home made mixed baby tomato salsa 

Cold Canapes 

All our canapes come in foils ready for heating or plating, platters/serving equiptment and staff can be provided at an additional charge.

Pumpkin & Walnut Tarts - 12/24 Pieces $42/$80.50

Mini stuffed roasted pumpkin, onion, herbs and feta cheese, topped with toasted walnuts

Corn Fritters & Beetroot Salsa  12/24 Pieces $42/$80.50

Bite sized Corn Fritters topped with our homemade beetroot salsa

Served with our Award Winning Beetroot Salsa
Roasted Vegetable Frittata 12/24 Pieces $30/$57.50 

Oven roasted vegetables and feta, baked in a rich creamy egg and cheese until golden, this item is great hot or cold  

Vegetable Rice Balls 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Roasted seasonal vegetables with herbs and 3 cheese stuffed inside a rice ball coated in a mix of crumbs, seeds and herbs

and deep fried and served with our special spicy plum dipping sauce


Spinach & Feta Quiche 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Baby chopped spinach and onion baked in a rich creamy egg base topped with feta cheese and sharp tasty cheese




Blue Cheese and Walnut Tarts 12/24 Pieces $42/80.50

Homemade cheese pastry tart topped with blue cheese, roasted walnuts and balsamic

Crispy Corn Tart with Salsa 12 Pieces $42/$80.50

Crispy corn tart filled with lettuce, avocado, salsa and sour cream 



Bell Pepper, Feta & Pesto Pizza 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Mini pizza topped with roasted red pepper, pesto and feta 

Vegetable Croquettes 12/24 Pieces $42/$80.50

Crispy outer and creamy inner with our roasted seasonal vegetable, mashed potato and cheese Croquettes Served with

our special sweet mustard sauce

Hot Canapes

Heating is easy and requires an oven heated to 180 deg place the canapes in for 10-15 minutes with lid removed.

For best results some of our hot canapes require assembly after heating.

Pumpkin Risotto Cakes 12/24 Pieces $42/$80.50

Our very special risotto mix with heaps of cheese and roasted pumpkin, lightly crumbed

and topped with caramelized onion jam and blue cheese

Red Onion and Feta Puffs 12/24 Pieces $30/$57.50

Crispy puffed pastry roasted until golden brown and topped with red caramelized onion and feta cheese

Mexican Stuffed Potato Skins 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Crispy potato skins filled with a mix of mexican chilli beans capsicum onion topped with cheese and sour cream


Walnut and Pumpkin Scone 12 Pieces $30/$57.50

Vintage mature cheddar cheese topped with a spiced apple ale chutney, served on a walnut pumpkin scone

Halloumi Burgers - 12/24 Pieces $48/$92

Halloumi, egg plant and red onion jam mini burgers

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