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Salmon Cake
Prawn Spoons
Smoked Salmon Bruchetta

Crab Cakes
Smoked Salmon Round
Prawn Egg Roll
Shrimp Bruchetta
Smoked Salmon Blinis
Smoked Salmon Mini Muffin

Seafood Canapés

Tuna Spoons

Hot Canapes

Heating is easy and requires an oven to heat at 180 deg and place the items in for 10-15 min with lid removed for best results some canapes require assembly after heating

Japanese Tuna Spoons   12/24 Pieces $48.00/$92.00

Lightly seared tuna fillet, sliced and topped with a caviar, cucumber, and sweet pickle tartare sauce

Smoked Salmon Rounds   12/24 Pieces $42.00/$80.50

Smoked Salmon rolled around sticky rice and seaweed then drizzled with our special wasabi mayo and topped with sesame seeds

Salmon Rice Cake   12/24 Pieces $36.00/$69.00

Smoked Salmon Fillet sliced with dill herbs and spices, complimented with spicy mayonnaise, black caviar on a bed of sticky rice 

Shrimp Bruchetta   12/24 Pieces $36.00/69.00
Crusty French stick topped with aioli, avocado, tomato, balsamic and brown sugar marinated baby shrimp
Smoked Salmon Blinis   12/24 Pieces $42.00/$80.50

Homemade Herb Blinis topped with lashings of dill cream cheese and smoked salmon

A Real Crowd Pleaser
Asian Prawn Spoons   12/24 Pieces $48.00/$92.00

Our succulent sweet chilli and sesame Asian Prawn on a bed of pineapple chutney and a hint of coriander

Prawn and Avocado Tartlets   12/24 Pieces $36.00/$69.00

Minced Prawn, avocado, cream cheese, lime and a hint of lemon zest on top of our own herb tartlets

Salmon and Dill Bruschetta   12/24 Pieces $42.00/$80.50

Lashings of smoked salmon on a char grilled french stick with cream cheese and fresh herbs and fresh peper 

NO 1 Best Seafood Seller
Seafood Cocktail   12/24 Pieces $42.00/$80.50

A mix of shrimp and crab meat mixed in our rich seafood sauce and served in its own little container with a folk and topped with a lemon and cucumber wedge

Salmon Petite Muffins   12/24 Pieces $36.00/$69.00
Our baby cheese and herb muffins filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon

Cold Canapes

Canapes arrive ready to be served on plastic platters or stainless steal 

remember these itesm need to be placed in the fridge

Prawn Egg Rolls   12/24 Pieces $42.00/$80.50
Egg roll pastry filled with our spicy herb minced prawn, cooked until golden brown and served with a sweet chilli and lime dipping sauce


Teriyaki Salmon Slider   12/24 Pieces $48.00/$92.00
This amazing minced salmon pattie marinated in Teriyaki sauce and served between 2 slices of french stick rounds with Japanise mayo and fished with shredded cabbage and cucumber salad
*This item requires some assembly after heating


NO 2 Best Seafood Seller
Deepsea Crab Cakes   12/24 Pieces $42.00/$80.50

A mix of mash potato, crab, herbs and cheese, rolled and crumbed and topped with our homemade seafood sauce and pickled salsa

Thai Fish Cakes   12/24 Pieces $36.00/$69.00
A spicy mix of seasonal white fish, sweet chilli, sesame, coriander, and vegetables, grilled and topped with a prawn, glazed and oven baked and finished with our Megabite seeded herb mix 


Salmon and Dill Cakes   12/24 Pieces $42.00/$80.50
A mix of mashed potato, herbs & diced smoked salmon, that we roll in a Panko crumbs and fry, these are served with homemade mayo


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