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Lemon grass and sweet chilli chicken skewers
Thai Chicken Sausage Rolls



Coconut Mango Chicken Spoons  12/24 Pieces $48/$92

A fab mix of marinated chicken with coconut, mango and a curry sauce served cold in an asian spoon

* asian spoons need to be returned to us at the end of your function or we have plastic ones that you can keep

Chicken Turkey & Duck Canapés

Chicken & Avocado Wonton Cups  12/24 Pieces $36/$80.50

Marinated Chicken poached and diced with avocado basil and a mayo dressing served in crispy wonton cups


Cold Canapes 

All our canapes come in foils ready for heating or plating, platters/serving equiptment and staff can be provided at an additional charge.

Chicken Satay Skewers 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Chicken Skewers marinated in your choice or sweet chilli or peanut satay and served with matching sauce


Chicken Lettuce Cups 12/24 Pieces $48/$92

Our Spicy Plum Chicken and vegetables served in seasonal lettuce cups or cute plastic tubs with folks



Asian Salad Cups 12/24 Pieces $48/$92

Shredded chicken and seasonal vegetables mixed with our special dressing and served in funky cups with folks


Chicken Stuffed Mushrooms 12/24 Pieces $42/$80.50

Minced Chicken, onion and herbs stuffed inside a button mushroom rolled in sesame seeds and pinenuts and oven roasted and served with homemade plum sauce 

Hot Canapes 

Heating is easy and requires an oven heated to 180 deg place the canapes in for 10-15 minutes with lid removed

For best results some of our hot canapes require assembly after heating


Cranberry Chicken Pizza  12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Mini pizza topped with cranberry jam, chicken, and brie


Chicken Goujon 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Crispy Breaded and fried Chicken breast served with plum sauce


Spicy Chicken Pattie/Ball 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Fantastic Thai spicy pattie/ball grilled and served with chilli mayo


Turkey and Rice Burritos 12/24 Pieces $42/$80.50

Cute Burritos filled with a rich turkey and rice and served with salsa


Chicken and Bell Pepper Rolls 12/24 Pieces $42/$80.50

Grilled rolled marinated chicken breast filled with bell peppers 


Turkey and Mushroom Vol Au Vents 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Puffed Pastry filled with a creamy mushroom and turkey sauce


Thai Chicken Sausage Rolls 12/24 Pieces $30/$57.50

A fab mix of thigh and breast meat minced with carrots onions and corriander and served with sweet chilli sauce


Roasted Duck Wontons 12/24 Pieces $48/$92

Roasted Duck water chestnut chive wontons fried in a crispy pastry and served with sweet chill lime sauce or home made plum sauce


Spicy Chicken Burger 12/24 Pieces $54/$103.50

Crispy and Spicy Chicken breast served with cucumber and tomato with chilli mayo on a seeded or plain bun

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