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Corporate Morning and Afternoon Tea 

Morning Tea Menu 1

$9.50 per person includes 2 savoury, and 1 sweet

Morning Tea Menu 2 

$12.50 per person includes 3 savoury, and 1 sweet

Morning Tea Menu 3 

$13.00 per person includes 2 savoury, 1 sweet and fruit

Morning Tea Menu 4 

$15.00 per person includes 4 savoury, 1 sweet

Morning Tea Menu 5 

$16.00 per person includes 3 savoury, 1 sweet and fruit 


Minimum numbers of 12 apply to the above menus a surcharge may be added to orders that have less than the required numbers


Club Sandwiches

Chicken, cream cheese, pineapple, celery

Ham, egg salad and cheese with tomato and mayo

Avocado, tomato, cheddar, beetroot, lettuce and chutney


Small Filled Rolls

Roast beef with gherkin, horseradish, Dijon mustard 

and homemade mayo

Cheese avocado and tomato with fruit chutney

Creamy chicken, pineapple, avocado with homemade mayo

Tuna, tomato and lettuce

Bacon, avocado and tomato with homemade mayo

Danish salami, gherkin and cheese

Ham and cheese with Tamarillo chutney


Mini Bagels

Chicken, cream cheese and cranberry

Beef and tomato

Avocado, tomato and pesto

Chicken, cream cheese and cranberry

Smoked salmon and cream cheese


Mini Croissants

Scrambled egg, bacon and chutney

Scrambled egg, spinach and feta

Chicken and brie

Asparagus mayo and cheese



Bacon, egg, lettuce, hash brown, aioli and chutney

Chicken, avocado and salad

Avocado, cheddar and salad

Corn fritter, salad and onion jam



Served with a selection of sauces 

Beef mince pies

Potato top pies

Smoked chicken pies

Beef and mushroom pies

Homemade sausage rolls

Chefs homemade quiche with a selection of fillings


Sweets a mixture of cakes, slices and cookies 

Assorted freshly baked Danish pastries

Ginger crunch

Chocolate caramel

Lemon and coconut

Raspberry brownie coconut crumble

Rocky road

Black cherry and white chocolate tarts

Chocolate tarts

Pecan caramel

Cherry ripe

Lemon Curd

Sticky lemon cakes

Chocolate chip cookies


Old fashioned cornflake cookies

Mini Melting moments



 Morning and Afternoon Teas

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