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Megabite Chocolate Caramel Slice 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Our NZ caramel slice is filled with a coconut and brown sugar base topped with a rich sticky caramel and topped with dark chocolate

Orange Stuffed with Fruit Salad - 12/24 Pieces $48/$92

Hollowed out oranges filled with seasonal fruit salad and served with a wooden spoon or for an extra QR24 you can get it in a plastic champagne glass topped with yoghurt 

Zesty Lemon Slice 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

A zesty lemon slice topped with a triple lemon and coconut topping

Whole Berry Cheese Cake 10" ONLY $39.90

A rich cream cheese and cream cheese cake with marbled whole berry compote 

Chocolate Mouse 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

A rich dark chocolate mouse topped with fruit of chocolate and served in individual cup with a spoon

Raspberry Cheese Cake 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Layers of cheesecake and raspberries in an individual cup

Award Winning
Award Winning
Frozen Stuffed Lemon Filled with Lemon Sorbet 12/24 Pieces $48/$92

Hollowed out frozen lemons filled with homemade lemon sorbet and served with a wooden spoon Or try our other flavor Orange sorbet 

Or Frozen Yoghurt
Fresh Seasonal Berry Tarts 12/24 Pieces $48/$92

Raspberry, Strawberry or Blueberry Custard Tarts 

Lemon Tart Wedge 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Triple Lemon tart wedge served on a display spoon and topped with cream 

Cream Brulee  12/24 Pieces $42/$80.50

Double Cream and triple egg vanilla cream brulee with a crusty toffee top served in a display spoon   

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie 12/24 Pieces $36/$69

Rich Chocolate Brownie with lashings of peanut butter baked in  

*Gluten Free Item

*Gluten Free Item

Sweet Selection

Now with Gluten free options
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